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Dr. V. Abayev who will be administrating your IV Drip has the experience of double residency behind him in anesthesiology and internal medicine. That means you can expect a 100% safe & sterile treatment from a high level physician.

Hydration therapy is a new health craze popular among worn out city slickers which entails pumping minerals, nutrients and vitamins directly into the bloodstream using an IV. The treatment is very healthy for the weak and dehydrated folks in NYC. The bottom line is that in today’s age where many of us basically “overdose” so to speak on processed foods, red meat, excess alcohol intake and genetically modified food, there is a big need for such a therapy.

The treatment infuses people with a combination of water and nutrients, and proponents claim it helps with everything from athletic performance to hangover relief and general fatigue. Of course our bodies can get these nutrients the old school way- by ingesting healthy food,however, let’s face it in the Big Apple and other areas filled with people who have no time to worry or care about their diet, IV treatments may be the only way to go.

Dr. V.A. IV Hydration Therapy

We offer award winning IV therapy in the five boroughs of New York City including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island & Bronx. We have several options for patients seeking our medical treatments in terms of travel and locations. Contact us today to learn more about our wide array of treatments and to schedule and appointment.

106-15 Queens Blvd Suite 1600 Forest Hills, NY 11375

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