ClickCease IV Hydration Therapy: Does It Work & Does It Hurt
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As human beings, our needs for fluids are limitless. Fluids are needed for our survival. This sole reason is why we always provide every little opportunity for ourselves to hydrate. Constant intake of water and other natural or manufactured liquid helps us to function correctly. Besides the uncontrollable thirst, other adverse effects plague whoever that doesn’t take in lots of fluid. One of such issues can be circulatory, in which your organs will lack the necessary liquid medium to transport blood and other materials round the body. Your digestive system could also suffer because there will be minimal body fluids to facilitate food assimilation. It’s equally useful to hydrate because of your urinary system. Your bladder benefits a lot from Hydration, as it makes the work of getting rid of urea from your body relatively easy.

While there are a lot of benefits that come with Hydration, the manner at which you hydrate can prove to be pivotal to the process. While oral Hydration is very common in today’s society, it’s not the most effective means. A recent study shows that IV hydration is arguably one of the best ways to stay hydrated. Before we get into it, we will be explaining all there is to know about IV hydration.

What Is IV Hydration?

IV Hydration, or intravenous Hydration, can be defined as a process or a means at which necessary fluids, vitamins, body nutrients and medications are injected directly into the bloodstream. Such is carried out through a method known as IV hydration therapy. These fluids are taken directly into their areas of needs without having to enter the body orally. This bypass brings about quicker results and accelerated system response. We will be listing the various advantages that come with intravenous Hydration below;

How IV Hydration Works and Its Advantages

IV hydration might have a lot of benefits, but here are the most vital reasons that compel people to go for it;

  • Intravenous Hydration is significantly quicker than oral Hydration. Therefore, hydration results are yielded at a faster rate.
  • Due to its intravenous nature, it cuts out the unnecessary processes that oral hydration encounters, such as the digestive process.
  • It’s highly vital to individuals with medical conditions such as ulcer, IBS, gastritis and IBD, which depletes the absorption rate of the human organs.
  • IV hydration is also becoming famous for its role in batting the ongoing Covid-19

Is IV Hydration Safe and Painless?

IV hydration therapy is very safe. However, it’s always best to take precautions while undergoing one, because any sort of error during intravenous Hydration can cause issues like IV infiltration. This situation is when drops of the IV fluids escape to the tissues surrounding the vein. If your therapist has lots of experience, then such an issue isn’t something that should keep you worried. Also, besides the very little pain, you might feel at the areas of the injection, IV hydration is known to be almost painless.

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