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    The impact of toxicity on the body and its functionality has made the term “cleanse” to be a crucial word in dieting and body health. To keep toxins far away from your vital organs should be a goal if you intend on maintaining a healthy body. IV detoxification is the safest and trusted way of neutralizing and eliminating toxins in the body. This treatment comprises of several amino acids, including glycine, taurine, arginine, and ornithine, which works with your Liver to effectively neutralize toxins. Also, the prominent detoxification ingredient is L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, an invaluable supplement for those committed to looking after their bodies. This substance acts in the production of glucose, which the body requires for energy and affects hydration.

    Cleansing with the IV drip not only works to detoxify your internal system but further proves to be an effective treatment for fatigue. Utilizing the Glutathione IV, very powerful antioxidant which is made up of three amino acids is beneficial for tackling prolonged emotional stress; poor sleep quality, blood sugar fluctuations, and inflammation are the cause of adrenal fatigue.

    What is Intravenous Cleansing

    IV cleansing, most times likened as Intravenous detoxification therapy, is an alternative and allopathic treatment procedure wherein amino acids, vitamins, minerals, medical ozone or oxygen, and other important nutrients are slowly introduced into the bloodstream straight through the veins to purge out toxic materials from the body. This procedure will not only cleanses your system but can effectively and swiftly treat nutrient deficiencies and ultimately counter any fatigue-related health handicaps.
    This procedure has proven far for efficient comparatively to the oral administration, as it permits about ten times more nutrients intake by patients and guarantees quick action.

    How IV Cleansing Works


    Before you embark on IV treatment, it may do you well to talk to your physician. You can easily book a date with one of our well-experienced physicians. After due consultation, our physician will be able to develop an individualized treatment plan and suggest an appropriate IV cleansing procedure.

    The treatment session lasts for one to several hours. Our able physician will insert an IV into your vein, mostly in the arm or wrist, through which the needful vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or a combination of them will be slowly infused into your bloodstream. From our previous tests, this treatment carries an immediate and invigorating effect. However, continuous infusion may be needful to achieve optimum health results. This is mostly the case for those under drug and alcohol therapy, wherein physical withdrawal has to be addressed.

    This treatment form is highly recommended for all, especially for those who are regularly exposed to toxins such as alcohol, cigarette smoke, pollution, pesticides, heavy metals, and acid rain. Also, those who are always into tedious and energy-consuming tasks may find this treatment beneficial. If you find yourself battling with general fatigue, headaches, insomnia, hypertension, poor circulation, depression, common cold, elevated liver enzymes, migraines, chronic stress, cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, viral infection, cancer, asthma, fatty liver, and the likes; its time you subscribe to the IV cleansing.

    Interestingly enough, we offer you this therapy package for as low as $200. So what are waiting for, secure your health today with us!

    Body Cleanse IV Therapy Can Benefit You

    • Cleanses the body of all toxins, metals, and other harmful body waste through chelation therapy (using calcium EDTA) is beneficial for mitigating the risk of stroke and cardiovascular conditions
    • Amino acid infusion such as glutathione offers the liver detoxification
    • IV cleansing or detoxification removes free radicals that cause gene mutations and cancer
    • Some of the nutrients inculcated in the IV treatment, such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, improve the skin moisture and elasticity and joint lubrication
    • IV cleansing/detoxification is a standard procedure used for supervising withdrawal from addictive drugs and alcoholism

    Aside from what has been mentioned above, administering IV cleansing therapy is beneficial as it replenishes the body vitamins and minerals, playing a vital role in recovering from mental and physical stress. Also, these additional Amino acids, minerals, and vitamin re-energizes the body; relieving stress, fatigue, and soreness and tackling health conditions like fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, and asthma.

    Dr. V.A. IV Hydration Therapy

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