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    Hangovers are just the resultant feeling of being dehydrated. Whenever you take in much alcohol, you are already aware that in the subsequent hours, you will be battling the effects. However, no matter what the effects might be; you should never deprive yourself the fun offered by drinking. Our IV hangover therapy is always there for you.

    You need not beat yourself so badly for messing up again-messing up drinking; our IV treatment is well-assorted with the right selection of vitamins and minerals. This will effectively take away symptoms of a hangover like dehydration, nausea, muscle aches, headache, stomach upset, and sensitivity to light (which naturally can last for hours) from you in a matter of minutes.
    Our formula is very effective and promises to rehydrate your body, help you flush out toxins, restore nutrients lost during a night of heavy drinking, cleanses your system and provide fast relief so you’ll be back to your daily activities in no time.
    You can get our treatment with fortified Vitamin B-complex for $170
    Our Vitamin C fortified treatment is for $185



    Although, you must have heard people say that the best hangover medication is to drink water; albeit, only about 50% of water drank would get absorbed and likely far less as your gastrointestinal (GI) tract is inflamed due to excess alcohol intake. This will cause a decrease in the GI tracts ability to absorb fluid as well as vital nutrients and vitamins.
    The hangover IV drip we offer is properly customized to fix your needs; with additional nutrients to relieve nausea and inflammation within your body. What’s more? It got 100% absorption! This allows for much faster rehydration, way beyond what gulping down many glasses of water down your body can offer.
    Make a date with us, let our well-trained physician get to know “you,” and in a matter of minutes, you will back to you!

    Benefits of Hangover IV Drip Therapy

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    Keeps You Hydrated

    The most pronounced effect of a hangover is, perhaps, the dehydration part. Well, much alcohol is ingested into your system; it reduces the amount of ADH. This excesses alcohol will lead to much excretion of water in you, giving that constant undeniable urge to consume water. Our hangover therapy formulation works to prevent further loss of water in your body; keeping you less or not dehydrated at all.


    Act as an Immune booster

    Hangovers are widely associated with several health deviations like nausea, stomach upset, headache, muscle ache, and vomiting. These symptoms are only likely to get worse if not handled properly and quickly I must add. With our IV assortment, be rest assured that your immune system will receive a push exacerbate how sick you truly feel and can make the situation worse. Our IV therapy for your hangover to fight back, eliminating all health threats in the name of symptoms of a hangover


    Quick relief from Headache

    Headaches, which are most common with hangovers, is well taken care of by our super fantastic IV hangover formulation. Irrespective of the type of head or which part of the head it seemed more concentrated t; you can always count on our IV therapy.

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