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    It might interest you to know that a headache and a migraine though similar and used interchangeably is not exactly the same. Your proper understanding of your body system, knowing what usually triggers your migraines/headaches, gives you ample opportunity to nip the bud. Albeit, most times, these headaches come anyway. Hopefully, our IV detox for headaches promises to tackle your pain and nausea squarely in the most effective and quick pace, irrespective of the root of the headache.
    Headaches and Nausea are more than inconvenient and can prove quite embarrassing, as they can hamper your productivity and dampen your mood. Our IV detox treatment sends the essential fluids and nutrients directly to your bloodstream for maximum absorption and fast relief in the comfort of our exquisite clinic or even at your home, hotel, or office to help you feel better as quickly as possible.
    Although, many medicines or combination of medicines are available to help treat nausea and headaches; the IV therapy offers the most effective and long-lasting solution. What’s more, by virtue of the medication, you are sure of immediate relief from your maladies.
    The IV therapy for headaches and nausea provides immense relief from symptoms like Head pain, Dizziness, insomnia, disorientation/restlessness, Throbbing or pulsating pain, Severe pain on one side or throughout the head, Difficulty concentrating, vomiting, movements in the bowels, Memory problems, flickering vision, and the whole rest of others. Although, different types of headache exist, occurring at a different location, but no matter the type, our IV treatment got you covered!

    How the IV Detox Works

    Headaches can be a consequence of physical or emotional stress, tension, and dehydration. You need not endure the pain it carries, as it may work against your daily productivity level. Our IV detoxification therapy treatments contain the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients; customized with extras like the anti-inflammatory, anti-heartburn, or anti-nausea. This works together to help you overcome that headache or nausea feeling you may have.
    Instead of the long wait and expense of going to an ER or urgent care center for a headache IV treatment, at even at an exorbitant cost. You can book an appointment online or call us now to schedule your infusion. Our IVs generally take minutes to administer and promises immediate relief from your symptoms immediately. Guess what? Is all at $215! Fair enough price, right?

    BBenefits of IV Detox for Headaches and Nausea

    • The IV detox medication works effectively towards bringing relief to you from symptoms associated with headaches and nausea
    • It functions to improve your productivity and general appearance as headaches and nausea can dampen your physical outlook.
    • Our IV treatment will deliver fluids directly to your body and bloodstream with a full absorption efficiency. Dehydration is one of the effects of nausea; if you are dehydrated, our therapy will have you re-hydrated as quickly as possible.
    • The IV treatment we offer promises to keep your body and soul in one piece. You can be rest assured to be rejuvenated after the treatment; making you have greater focus in your day to day activity. Our detox therapy, as with all of our IVs, comes with additional add-ons such as anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medications to help bring fast relief from your symptoms

    Dr. V.A. IV Hydration Therapy

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