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Same Day IV Drip Treatments In New York City

Dr. V Abayev Is A Board Certified IV Therapy Specialist In New York City who will take out the time to ensure you understand all your options when it comes to IV treatments. Below you can learn about 8 different best selling protocols that we offer for different ailments. Each of our drip protocols are designed to rejuvenate you and enhance your productivity. Dr. Abayev is a top rated physician with many 3rd party verified testimonials from satisfied clients. The Doctor brings you the experience of a double residency in anesthesiology and internal medicine so rest assure that your safety will always be put first. We service the five boroughs of NY including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx & Staten Island. Below you will find detailed information about our acclaimed IV drips that treat everything from Alcohol Hangovers to Wrinkles & Aging.

Flu Relief

IV Flu Relief Drip $180

Once you are down with flu or cold, it is generally expected that the health …..

Metal Removal

IV Metal Removal Drip $230

Chelation therapy is an intravenous treatment used to remove toxic metals ….

Cleansing & Fatigue

IV Cleansing & Fatigue Drip $200

The impact of toxicity on the body and its functionality has made the term “cleanse”…..

Headaches & Nausea Detox

IV Headaches & Nausea Detox

It might interest you to know that a headache and a migraine though similar ….

Refresh & Revitalize Energy & Sickness

IV Refresh & Revitalize Energy & Sickness Drip $200

With the ever-challenging demands you have to face daily; be it at home, school or….

Anti Inflammatory & Anti Heartburn

IV Anti Inflammatory & Anti Heartburn Drip $200

Once you are injured or exposed to irritants, invaders, or cellular damage, your….

Free Radical Removal, Anti Aging

IV Free Radical Removal, Anti Aging Drip $200

Aging is an inevitable process in life. The process is marked by various metabolic …..


IV Hangover Drip $170

Hangovers are just the resultant feeling of being dehydrated. Whenever you take in …

Dr. V.A. IV Hydration Therapy

We offer award winning IV therapy in the five boroughs of New York City including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island & Bronx. We have several options for patients seeking our medical treatments in terms of travel and locations. Contact us today to learn more about our wide array of treatments and to schedule and appointment.

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