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Drip Treatments

Flu Relief

IV Flu Relief Drip $180

Once you are down with flu or cold, it is generally expected that the health …..

Metal Removal

IV Metal Removal Drip $230

Chelation therapy is an intravenous treatment used to remove toxic metals ….

Cleansing & Fatigue

IV Cleansing & Fatigue Drip $200

The impact of toxicity on the body and its functionality has made the term “cleanse”…..

Headaches & Nausea Detox

IV Headaches & Nausea Detox

It might interest you to know that a headache and a migraine though similar ….

Refresh & Revitalize Energy & Sickness

IV Refresh & Revitalize Energy & Sickness Drip $200

With the ever-challenging demands you have to face daily; be it at home, school or….

Anti Inflammatory & Anti Heartburn

IV Anti Inflammatory & Anti Heartburn Drip $200

Once you are injured or exposed to irritants, invaders, or cellular damage, your….

Free Radical Removal, Anti Aging

IV Free Radical Removal, Anti Aging Drip $200

Aging is an inevitable process in life. The process is marked by various metabolic …..


IV Hangover Drip $170

Hangovers are just the resultant feeling of being dehydrated. Whenever you take in …

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